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SKYFLAG is the advertisement platform that provides unique value.
Our product, Long CPE advertisement, has a strong reputation for improving user engagement; our platform connects advertisers and publishers to provide a service called Offerwall that improves user experience.

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It is an ads reward program that creates value from users who reach a specific "Conversion point."
Therefore, we can lead users to a certain milestone where they enjoy the service at the time they reach that milestone. Through their satisfaction upon completing their goals, we can expect the long-term retention rate and the paid user ratio to increase.

Skyfall continuously expands appropriate media as inventories. We serve high quality service not only for domestic advertisers but also for global advertisers.
This data is as of February, 2022.

  • Monthly Traffic




  • SKYFLAG Exclusive Monthly Traffic




  • per campaign Maximum installs

    40,000 +


  • Growth Index


    IAP (In-App Purchase) Index (Hardcore Game Division)


    Retention Index (Hardcore Game Division)


    This data is as of March, 2021.

Core Users

Middle users

Light users

Non-game users

Reach a wide range of users
  • 01 Dedicated operation consultant is engaged in.

    We propose the appropriate conversion point and unit prices for each campaign, based on our various actual distribution to satisfy each promotion's KPI.

    • Yu Nakamura

      Account Division

      Managed over 500 apps of promotion and monetization in AppLovin.
      Have knowledge of both the global market and the Japanese market.
      Now leading the sales team as a Director of Sales.

    • Ayane Minaguchi

      Account Division

      Multi-lingual proficient in Japanese, Chinese and English at a business level. Key point of contact for global client consulting as a sales representative for Skyflag at the Account Division. Moreover, engaging in the new advertiser acquisition as well.
      Selected as a monthly MVP straight for two months in July and August of 2022, which was the first time in this company.
      Also awarded as the youngest 2Quarters MVP in October 2022.

    • Miku Noguchi

      Account Division

      Joined Skyfall in 2021 as a new graduate, after graduating from Aoyama Gakuen University with a BA in Japanese Literature. Engaged in advertiser sales and in responsible for a wide range of activities including new development and operation of existing titles. Received the monthly MVP awards two times, and became a team leader of a second department in the Sales Division.

    • Arina Terauchi

      Account Division

      In charge of operational consulting for affiliate advertising at Fun Communications Inc. A8.net. In second year at the company, consulted for all of globall advertisers and contributed to building the foundation for globalization of the service and increasing sales for ouside of domestic clients.
      Joined Skyfall in 2022 and is in charge of existing clients in the Sales Division, focusing on global advertisers.

    Person in charge may differ on cases

  • 02 Disclose various medias of ad delivery we have

    In order for our clients to use the service with security, we disclose every page of the advertisement delivery.
    We connect with various genre of medias so that it will be possible to reach the wide range of users.

    • Comic / Novel

    • Game

    • Game Media

    • Entertainment

    • Points

  • 03 Ad fraud filter that specialized for Long CPE Reward

    We thoroughly eliminate the wrongdoers.

    • General ad fraud filter

      Discrimination based on user's terminal environment at installation.

      Eliminate users who configure languages other than Japanese.

      Eliminate IP duplication, and eliminate overseas IPs: eliminate malicious access from overseas publishers.

    • Original ad fraud filter on Long CPE Reward

      Discrimination by behavior until reaching the achieving point.

      Eliminate conversion forgeries based on the time from clicking to achieving the conversion point.

      Eliminate conversion spoofing based on event logs at multiple points shallower than the conversion point.

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SKYFLAG is the Long CPE reward platform which can improve users engagement.